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First Live Fruit Popsicle & Natural Gelato Concept

Established in 2017, CreameryHut revolutionized the organized F&B industry by introducing Live Popsicles for the first time, not only in the country but worldwide. Offering a wide array of choices including Popsicles, Gelatos, Sorbets, Waffles, Brownie Sizzler, Milkshakes, Hot and Cold Beverages, and more, CreameryHut is where flavors come to life and sweet memories are made. Rapidly earning a cherished reputation in the dessert realm, CreameryHut distinguishes itself by using premium natural ingredients, devoid of any additives, setting a benchmark in quality. Specializing in crafting healthy and natural desserts, CreameryHut serves as the ultimate destination for your sweet cravings, priding itself on  being 100% vegetarian and guilt-free.

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CreameryHut is India’s first live fruit popsicle/gelato dessert cafe and has no comparison with any other brand. Rightly called by many customers as a haven for dessert enthusiasts and health-conscious consumers. With a large variety to choose from gelatos, real fruit live popsicles, sorbets, milkshakes, brownie sizzler, waffles, pizza, momos, wraps, burger, sandwich churro, hot and cold beverages & dessert cafe etc. It is a place where flavours come alive and sweet memories are made. CreameryHut’s dessert cafe has quickly become a beloved name in the dessert space. It has all the fresh fruits, nuts and condiments used. As it is made daily, we assure that it is always fresh unlike industrial ice cream, gelato which is manufactured and stored indefinitely. Our gelato is entirely gelatin-free, making it a 100% vegetarian product. The term gelato originates from the Italian word gelato meaning to freeze. Hence, gelato is synonymous with frozen, emphasizing its delightful frozen goodness. We select the finest locally-sourced ingredients, such as premium Alphonso mangoes carefully sourced from the orchards of Ratnagiri in Maharashtra, hand-picked strawberries from the foothills of the Himalayas, and imported elements like hazelnuts from the slopes of the Italian Alps. These, along with forest berries and cherries, come together to craft an authentic, artisanal, and wholesome product. Our creation is entirely natural, free from preservatives, artificial colors, or essences.

Leading the Evolution of Gelato and Popsicles in India

Conceptualized by Mr. Pradeep Lamba, Creamery Hut provides a wide range of services in the frozen dessert industry with a strong client base across India. As a leading manufacturing and retail consulting firm specializing in traditional gelato, popsicles, and natural products, we leverage our 18 years of experience to offer project consultancy services to companies nationwide. The Indian frozen dessert industry is among the fastest-growing segments within the dairy and food processing sector.

Our mission & vision

Our mission is to recreate the genuine essence of Italian gelato right here in New Delhi. We aspire to craft premium-quality gelato daily, delivering a romantic experience through an exceptionally authentic, smooth, and creamy range of flavors.